With the introduction of trading platforms like MT4 which were built on open-source programming languages, allowing for the development of automated trading systems, commonly referred to as Expert Advisors (or EAs for short), algorithmic trading started to become accessible for the retail clients.

This type of trading due to it’s complex IT setups was reserved entirely for institutional level clients with deep pockets. Comlex systems like this were out of reach of most retail clients since the took took a lot of computing power and were extremely expensive to create and monitor.

TradeWorks gives retail investors access to cloud based automation software which was designed to take all the guesswork and any type of emotion out of the decision-making process. Indicators and pre-programmed strategies allow investors to open and close trades entirely based on the information received through TradeWorks, a system which works on user-defined trading strategies.

Through a variety of indicators trades can be found and trade parameters such as Stop Losses can be set accordingly. Risk Management and Take Profit make very precise trade settings possible.

TradeWorks comes with a number of pre-defined strategies. These allow for the whole system to be tested on a demo account. A built-in back-testing module runs the strategy with historical data for any given period of time allowing for a statistical look at the results.

Due to the speed of the platform and the Cloud based environment, TradeWorks is built on, back-testing is extremely fast.

The TradeWorks platform which syncs directly with our client’s MT4 account, no matter if this is a demo account for testing strategies or live account for trading. 

All clients trading with Dualix get access to the TradeWorks, which is a sophisticated tool. However Dualix recommends to always apply sound risk management to all trades and to test strategies on a demo account first and.

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Trading with DUALIX brings the peace of mind that comes from working with a regulated broker. You can choose from a lot of options of low-cost investing. Not only does the Forex market trade a larger volume than any other market in the world, but our clients also benefit from Market Maker execution and negative balance protection.