DUALIX Investments

Smarter trading with Dualix MirrorTrader and Robox!

This new family of smart trading products from 
DUALIX is the smarter way to achieve your financial goals with algorithmic trading to all account levels. 
Add automated trading to your portfolio with our MirrorTrader add-on or the innovative RoboX.

Mirror Trading from Tradency, our latest addition to the DUALIX family of trading platform add-ons, brings institutional level trading technology to retail clients. With our MirrorTrader you simply “mirror” or copy trades from selected strategy developers into your own trading accounts. Leverage the wisdom of professional traders to invest smarter.

RoboX is the product of the pioneering fin-tech company Tradency focusing on advanced product development for financial institutions. Robox is the next generation of smart trading machines. RoboX uses a unique algorithm correlates between your personal trading profile and the world’s largest algo’s database to create trading packages that are best suited for you. Robox is based on packages of smart trading strategies, customized to bring together your particular trading styles and preferred assets with your personal risk management profile, using a simple questionnaire format.